Workers' Compensation Cases in Michigan

If you have been hurt on your job, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, including:

  • Temporary total disability income benefits up to 80% of your average weekly wage. These benefits are paid to covered workers who are unable to work for at least seven straight days as a result of their on-the-job injuries.
  • Temporary partial disability income benefits up to 80% of the difference between what you were making before you were injured and what you have made since the injury. These benefits are paid to covered workers who return to work at reduced wages as a result of their injuries sustained in the job accident.
  • Permanent partial disability benefits, the amount based on a permanent "impairment rating" issued by a doctor. The amount of the benefits depends on the rating, which is why it is often important to obtain ratings from more than one physician.
  • Medical benefits for all covered expenses such as doctor and hospital visits, prescription medication and surgeries. We often help our clients change doctors.
  • A lump sum cash settlement. A covered injured worker may be able to obtain a lump sum cash settlement. This should be substantial enough to cover future lost wages and future medical care.
Since 1958, Gordon & Pont has successfully litigated thousands of workers' compensation cases. We are committed to the following principles:
  • We keep our clients informed. Client communication is important. We return phone calls!
  • We play "hardball" against the employer/insurer. We believe that an aggressive approach against the employer and their workers' compensation insurance company is the best way to protect our clients' rights.
  • We fight for top dollar. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to "shortchange" injured workers in their benefits and settlement offers. We insist on a fair cash settlement for our clients.
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