Slip & Fall and Premises Liability Cases in Michigan

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People often do not understand how important a slip and fall attorney can be in the face of a serious slip and fall accident, nor do they understand the extent of injuries that can result from such a fall. A premises liability lawyer does, which is why many Southeast Michigan residents turn to us, Gordon & Pont PC, if they've been the victim of a fall. Everyone has accidents, but if the trip and fall could have and should have been avoided, the person who neglected to prevent the dangerous condition on their property may be liable for your injuries, whether at a commercial location (such as the department or grocery store) or a residential location (such as a deck, driveway or walkway).
Causes of a Slip & Fall Accident

There are four common things that cause slip and fall injuries. They are:
  • Stepping on something slippery
  • Stepping into a hole or crack
  • Stepping on something that impedes your foot
  • Tripping over a foreign object
You cannot defy gravity. If you lose your balance because of slippery flooring or lose your footing on an unlit staircase, you will fall. Your injuries might include broken bones, cuts and bruises, sprains and even paralysis. The person responsible for your fall should be held accountable, and you have a right to seek compensation for your damages, including your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, among other things. An attorney can review your case to see if you're entitled to file a claim.

Let Us Help

Gordon & Pont PC works with Southeast Michigan fall victims. We have a lawyer ready to speak with you regarding your case. Premises owners have a legal obligation to keep their property safe for all visitors. Contact us today at 248-395-4100 or 800-529-6424 to speak with an attorney. We also staff an auto accident lawyer if you've been involved in a road collision.