Michigan Auto Accidents

Our experienced Michigan car accident lawyers can help you if you were injured in an auto accident recently or any time in the past. Choosing the right attorney for your case after a car accident in Michigan is your most important decision. It is the difference between winning a great settlement, with possible lifetime medical benefits, and receiving no settlement at all.

Gordon & Pont, P.C. is the best choice for your case. For 60 YEARS our lawyers have represented accident injury victims with the highest degree of integrity and compassion. We have the experience, knowledge, and skill to win your case. We prepare every case for trial and the insurance lawyers know that. That’s why we settle almost of our car accident cases for the maximum amount of compensation before ever going to court.

No Fee Promise

There is NO FEE until we WIN your case and you receive your money.
There are NO COSTS or expenses until we WIN your case and you receive your money.
There is NO FEE or obligation to talk to us and have your case reviewed by an experienced lawyer.
There is NO FEE to call us and talk. Ever.

You have literally nothing to lose and so much to gain by calling Gordon & Pont now.

What Should I Do After A Michigan Auto Accident?

There are several things that you should do immediately after a car accident, which include:

  • Notify of the police of the accident, especially if they do not come to the accident scene.
  • Provide the investigating officer with your driver’s license, proof of insurance, & vehicle registration.
  • Make sure there is a written police report made after the accident.
  • Get the drivers license number and license plate number of the other vehicles in the crash.
  • Take photographs on your phone of damage to your car and other vehicles.
  • Get the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of all witnesses to the accident
  • Report the accident to your own auto insurance company after the accident
  • Request an Application for No-Fault Insurance Benefits from your insurance agent
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The Facts about Michigan No-Fault Insurance

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state which means that every automobile is required by law to be covered by a no-fault insurance policy. This policy provides coverage and valuable benefits to anyone injured in an auto accident. These benefits, referred to as Personal Injury Protection (or "PIP") benefits include:

  • Up to $5541 per month of wage loss benefits for 3 years.
  • Unlimited medical payments for life for accident related treatment.
  • Unlimited home healthcare for life if required.
  • Replacement household services.
  • Medical mileage for trips to your doctors and back home.
  • Home modifications required due to your accident related injuries.

Even if you were at fault, almost every person injured in a Michigan car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, or pedestrian accident, is entitled to Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits. It does NOT matter who was as fault for the accident. You can even get these life long benefits if you did not own a car or have your own auto no-fault insurance policy.
Claims for PIP benefits must be made – and paid - within ONE YEAR of the accident or those claims are lost forever. This is called the “one year back rule” and it is very important not to miss that deadline.

What about Suing the At-Fault Driver for Injuries?


What if the At-Fault Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?


What if the At-Fault Driver Doesn’t Have ENOUGH Insurance?


Why Should I Call a Car Accident Lawyer Today?

Whether your accident was today or years ago, it is still a good idea to call an experienced car accident lawyer now. There are strict time deadlines for filing insurance and personal injury claims. If you miss a deadline, your case will be lost forever and you will give up your rights to a settlement in the future.

Your insurance company might also be underpaying your no-fault benefits and you may not even know. Remember, it is the job of the insurance adjuster to pay out as little as possible by any means necessary. It is our job at Gordon & Pont to put as much money in your pocket as possible.

If you are unsure about hiring a lawyer, you can call us to just learn more about your rights and the important time deadlines. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

How Our Lawyers Help You After a Michigan Car Accident

The Michigan No-Fault Insurance laws are confusing. You need to know your rights after a Michigan car accident. When you choose us for your car accident case, we will:

  • Get the accident report, witness statements, and full police investigation file.
  • Get all of your medical records.
  • Deal directly with your auto insurance adjuster.
  • Provide you with advice on your Mini-Tort property damage claim.
  • Submit all of your claims for medical bills, lost wages, and other no-fault insurance benefits
  • Find the insurance policy limits for every possible insurance company.
  • File a lawsuit against the negligent driver that caused your accident.
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjusters for you
  • Get you the best car accident settlement for your pain and suffering as well as any additional compensation.


Common Michigan Car Accident Injuries


How do I Determine the Amount of my Accident Settlement?



Why Do I Need a Lawyer To Settle My Auto Injury Claim?

You do not need a lawyer to settle your own car accident claim, but you should be aware of many serious mistakes that you can make without an experienced attorney on your side. First, the insurance adjuster may not disclose all of the potential insurance policies or limits that might apply to your claim. You also cannot know the real value of your case and this will result in you settling for a lot less money than you could should.

Also, there are potential liens from Medicaid, Medicare and others that you might be responsible for paying back out of your settlement that you do not know about but must pay. Finally, you could be jeopardizing your no-fault insurance benefits by signing a Release when you settle your liability claim. This could have devastating consequences.

Insurance studies have shown that injury victims actually receive substantially larger settlements when they hire a lawyer for their case, even after paying the attorney fees. This is because insurance companies know that they cannot get "low ball" settlements with experienced attorneys who know and understand the value of an injury. One study showed that majority of accident victims who hired a lawyer believed that they received a much greater settlement than if they tried to settle their own case.